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Meet Me!

Hi, I am Stephen Varghese, a Master Transactional Analyst, certified by ICTA, the biggest TA institution in the world.

I help people to improve their mental health. 

  • Chairman of Academic Council at ICTA (Institute for Counselling and Transactional Analysis, Kalamassery, Kochi)
  • Visiting faculty at ICTA, POC (Pastoral Orientation Centre, Kochi), Manappuram Foundation (Valappad), Renewal Centre (Kaloor, Kochi), Atmamithra (Kalady), MTI (Maharaja’s Technical Institute, Thrissur), Govt. Polytechnique College (Kalamassery)
  • Certified Trainer of Enneagram
  • Former Chairman of Positive Commune, Kerala
    Vice President of KCTTU (Kerala Counselors & Trainers Trade Union)
  • Corporate Trainer of Management Subjects
  • Key Person of many other social organizations
  • MSc Psychology
  • MBA
  • BTA (Bernian Transactional Analyst)
  • MTA (Master Transactional Analyst)
  • ABNLP (American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programing)
  • Enneagram Certified Trainer

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QA on TA - Malayalam


Hello, I’m Doctor Sagareeka, an author, global speaker, and an Education Thought Leader. Well, a couple of months back, I had an opportunity to learn TA from Stephen Varghese sir. And indeed, it was eye-opening. There were a lot of aha moments and bulb-on moments because being a thought leader and holding a leadership position as a Head of School, I thought I knew it all, but after having done TA it has really changed the way I deal, the way I interact and the way I present myself to my team, the other leaders, and the other Management Executives also.
So thank you very much, Stephenji, and thank you very much for the Cleopatra tip.
The Cleopatra tip is really doing wonders and I am being a Cleopatra, every day,every way and it’s really, really paving my way ahead in difficult times by just a smile on my face like Cleopatra. Thank you very much for that particular tip. That was a great tip from you. Thank you, Stephen sir.

Dr. Sagareeka Roy Bhatia, Mumbai
Global speaker, Parenting coach, Neural Coach &  Lead Auditor for Educational Institutions Awards from British Council, Local Corporators, Women’s Economic Forum, various global Youth Forums etc.
Community Service: Women Empowerment & Youth Development, recognized by UNESCO 
Conferred the ‘Global Ambassador for Human Rights & Peace’ by International Human Rights Advisory Council.
Won the Best Authors Award for 2021
Expertise in School Governance, Educational Advisory &  Strategy Consulting with various International Schools. 

Dr. Sagareeka, Mumbai

Hello everyone, I am Dr. Anu Uthara Pious, currently pursuing Masters’s in Counselling and Psychotherapy at Edith Cowan University of Western Australia. Yeah, the study of transaction analysis. Helped me a lot to find out my inner personality as well as my communication with others. Stephen sir was my mentor and Guru who taught me Transactional Analysis and to understand it in a better way and I could apply it in my life a lot. Thank you.

Dr. Anu Uthara Pious, Western Australia

Doing Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy
Edith Cowan University
Western Australia.

Dr. Anu Uthara Pious

Dear friends, I am Prof. Dr. V Muralidhara, Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon practicing at Tumkur, Karnataka near Bangalore. It was a great pleasure, great learning to get the TA classes Translational Analysis classes from Varghese sir. He is very much into Translational Analysis and the very things which he has taught us made a lot of difference in my professional career, my family, and among my subordinates, especially their feelings, thoughts, and actions, which he has described step-by-step that gave a lot of confidence for me. So, I started changing my thoughts, or my feelings, which has changed my actions you see. So, once my thoughts, our feelings have changed, my actions have changed towards my family members, especially my wife, but also towards my subordinates in my teamwork and also with my patients.
So I have improved a lot in my communication in analyzing, the people regarding your Parent, Adult, and Child characters so I can easily move from one state or another state. So, it has been very easy and very convenient for me. A very peaceful experience. I definitely recommend this Transactional Analysis Course by Varghese sir to everybody. Hats off to his efforts and teaching capabilities which make a great difference in your life also. Please do this course, thank you.

Dr. V Muralidhara, MBBS, MS(Ortho), DNB, FAGE (Gold Medallist)
Senior Orthopaedic surgeon (20 years of experience)
Created over 300 YouTube Videos on Health Tips
Written several health articles in News Papers
Talks on health topics in more than 12 Radio & TV Stations

Prof. Dr. V Muralidhara, Karnataka

I was living in darkness until I was introduced to Transactional Analysis and I saw my life unravelling. I started to know, feel and understand myself then, and above all I started to accept that my life is my responsibility, and my emotions are solely in my hands. And TA is life-transforming and meeting Stephen sir was one of the best moments of my life. A guru is someone who should practice what he preaches, and Stephen Sir walks his talk, and this makes him an incredible trainer too. So welcome to the world of TA.

Reshma Subodh
Healthcare Quality Professional
TA in 2019

Reshma Subodh, Canada

“Transactional analysis fosters transformational Awareness. TA or Transactional Analysis gives us insight into our patterns of Personality, Social Interaction, Relationships, and the way our life is unfolding. TA says that we have made these decisions in childhood which is still affecting our present-day lives. What are those decisions? What are the patterns that we’re still sitting with our thoughts feelings and behavior that is ruining our life? TA gives us awareness into these and also gives us the tools to overcome any ineffective pattern that we need to take. That’s why it’s called Transformational Awareness and it was a fun-filled adventurous Journey for me, especially because of the joy imparted by my first TA Guru Shri VV Stephen Sir. I’m very grateful for that. So that is why I am so passionate about learning and disseminating TA, so I invite you all to be part of this transformational Awareness journey. “

  • M.Sc. Psychology – Madras University
  • P.G. Diploma in Psychotherapy & Counseling, Toc H
  • Bernian Transactional Analyst, Institute of Counselling & Transactional Analysis
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy, STED Council
  • Freelance Counselor and Trainer for 12 years
  • EAP Onsite Counselor for Workplace Options, LLC, North Carolina, USA
  • Special Education, Mindfulness, CBT, NLP, Enneagram
  • State Coordinator, Ladies’ Wing, Kerala Counsellors & Trainers Union
  • Ernakulam District General Secretary, KCTU (2020)
  • Program Director, ‘Uthishttadha 2’ program, KCTU (2020)

Tehseen, Kochi

Hi, I have attended a training session on Transactional Analysis by Stephen Vargheseji recently and these are one of the best trainings that has made a big impact in my personal life. He taught us so many techniques, which helps to behave appropriately and take control of our emotions. So, he will teach you how to become an ‘I’ specialist and deal with your favourite negative emotions. So, through these techniques, he has helped me to build strong relationships with my colleagues, friends, and families. I strongly recommend you to take his trainings and be the best version of yourself. 

Satya NV, Bangalore

Leading HR Professional from ICT R&D organizations

Extensive experience from Fortune 500 companies

Satya NV, Bangalore

Hello good evening, myself Sherina. I am working as a student counselor. Actually, I came here to mention a few benefits I had from learning Transactional Analysis. During the cold times, I had the wonderful opportunity to learn about Transactional Analysis with the guidance of Stephen sir, thank you so much Stephen sir for giving me that wonderful opportunity. I’m so blessed to learn the theory under your guidance which gave me the wonderful opportunity to change myself, change my personality, redefine my personality, and you have a more Blissful Life by making peace with myself and by handling the relationship with other people in a more blissful and peaceful way by applying Transactional Analysis in my day-to-day life. Thank you so much Stephen sir once again and thanks to Almighty for the wonderful opportunity, I got by learning TA. Thank you so much.

Sherina Nasib

Counselling Faculty at KMEA Engg College, Kuzhivelipady Alwaye

MSW Specialized in Child Psychology

PG Diploma in Family Guidance & Counselling

Sherina Nasib, Kodungallur, kerala

Hi, I am Sowmya. A passion to learn new things have always been there with me. That’s how came across the classes from Stephen Sir on Transactional Analysis. To tell you frankly, it’s one of the best experiences I ever had. His classes are extraordinary and truly engaging. To talk about the benefits of TA, personally, it has helped me in my transformation journey. I am able to understand people better, and my relationship with my children – has drastically improved. So, a lot of quarrels and bickering in the family is not there and I have a fairly peaceful life and so I am ever grateful to Stephen sir. Thank you.


A passionate Learner and Educator

Post Graduation in Psychology

Learned TA and NLP


Sowmya, Madurai

Hello, friends. This is Veera Brahmam from Bangalore. Recently, I attended
Translational Analysis Course from Stephen Vargheseji. I find it very useful when negotiating with my family members, especially with my spouse. Generally, the spouse will not listen – right? it’s common in many families, but after attending the TA course from Stephen Vargheseji, it was possible for me and I do feel better by making my spouse feel better. Thank you, Stephenji.

Veera Brahmam
IT industry – 20 Years
Health & Wealth Coach
Wellness Consultant (Lose or Gain Weight, Good Health, Nutrition.
Recruiter for Financial Advisory Roles for Kotak.

Veera Brahmam, Bangalore

Hi everyone.

My name is Yoshi George and I am thrilled to share how attending the Transactional Analysis course, has transformed my life. Before the course, I felt stuck in the patterns that left me unfulfilled. But through transactional analysis, I gained insights into my emotions and purposes. I learned about the different ego states, which empowered me to break free from all the programming and be present in the moment. Using Transactional Analysis in my daily life, I became more assertive and empathetic in my communication resolving conflict effectively.

The course helped me build healthier relationships with the friends, family, and colleagues leading to more fulfilling life. I can’t express enough how grateful I am for the positive changes it brought. If you are seeking the present personal growth, I highly recommend the Transactional Analysis course. Stephen sir has the magic capacity to deliver the TA knowledge in simple forms in his sessions. It is very effective and helpful for the individuals coming from the usual and different backgrounds. And his way of explaining TA based on practical and daily life helps to correct our Behavior very easily.

Thank you for listening. Take the steps towards transformation today.

Joshy George

Kuwait National Guard (Defence) – registered nurse

Introduced to TA in 2016

I have completed my diploma in TA.

Joshy George

Hello everyone. I am Leo Kizhakkeveedan. I’m a Transactional Analysis student since 2020. Before learning TA, my life was going like a kite without any control. Now, I can confidently say that after learning TA I am the one who controls my life. No one else.

Learning TA at any age, any level, it will be always useful to change your life.

So you should try, you should study, you should read books related to TA it will help you, it will surely help you in your life. All the best for you. Thank you for listening.

Leo Kizhakkeveedan

Nursing Instructor/ Actor


I was not sure what to expect and was very curious when I first attended Stephen sir’s class on Transaction Analysis. At the end, I realized that everything that we say or do in our daily life, has got a much deeper meaning to it and this was mind-blowing, in fact, I thank Stephen sir for opening up a whole new world to me and this has been really life changing. Thank you so much.

Rupesh Harikrishnan



Rupesh Harikrishnan

Hello dear. I am Bindu Sunil from Trivandrum, completed my BTA from Stephen Varghese sir and still pursuing my TA learning in ICTA Kochi. Do you know our early childhood decisions stand in the way of our development potential to the maximum? The TA learning help me a lot to find the real self of mine? And now I am able to lead an autonomous life. If you want to make amazing changes in your life, start learning TA now itself.

Bindu Sunil

Teacher, Counselling Psychologist & Hypnotherapist

Having a passion for learning TA

Bindu Sunil, Thiruanathapuram

Hi, this is Dr. Mohammed Shafeeq. I am currently working in Kuwait, in the Military Camp. So, I attended the TA class which was done by Stephen sir. So it was a real eye-opener and it really helped me in my daily routines and daily life. It gave me more awareness to all the things around and it was a really wonderful class. I hope you guys will join it. Thank you.

Dr. Mohammed Shafeeq Karat MBBS, MEM (GWU USA), MRCEM(B)

Worked as senior resident in Emergency Department, DM WIMS Medical Collage, Wayanad

Specialist in Emergency Department, Starcare Hospital, Calicut and currently working as Emergency Physician in Kuwait National Guard

Dr. Mohammed Shafeeq Karat

Hello there. I’m Sunila from Navi Mumbai. I am a trainer and facilitator for Behavioral skills. I have completed my BTA from ICTA Kochi, and currently I’m pursuing my Masters in Transactional Analysis. Stephen sir is one of the motivator for my inclination to pursue MTA. I have attended Stephen sir’s basic course in person as well as online. The exceptional thing about Stephen sir’s course is that he designs the course in an interactive way and also he uses analogies from daily life experiences. This has helped me understand the concept at a deeper level and also Implement it in my daily life. Thank you.

Sunila Nambiar

  • Trainer & facilitator with over 15 plus years of experience in Behavioral Skills, Personality Development, Leadership Development & Emotional Intelligence.
  • An Avid learner, keeping in with current trends and programmes in Learning & Development for teachers and students in the Education Arena.
  • Teachers Training
  • Campus to Corporate
  • Business Communication & Ethics
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Listening Skills
  • Facilitator
  • Counsellor

Sunila Nambiar, Navi Mumbai

How TA can help you?


TA helps individuals gain a deeper understanding of their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It provides a framework to analyze and recognize patterns in their interactions with others, leading to increased self-awareness.

Effective communication

TA offers tools and concepts that enhance communication skills. By learning about different ego states (Parent, Adult, and Child), individuals can better understand and adapt their communication style, leading to more effective and meaningful interactions.

Conflict resolution

TA provides techniques to identify and resolve conflicts in a constructive manner. By understanding the underlying dynamics of transactions, individuals can navigate conflicts more effectively, fostering healthier relationships.

Personal growth

TA encourages personal growth and development. It offers insights into how past experiences and childhood influences shape our present behaviors, allowing individuals to make conscious choices and break free from unhelpful patterns.

Emotional intelligence

TA helps individuals develop emotional intelligence by recognizing and understanding their own emotions and those of others. This leads to improved empathy, better emotional regulation, and enhanced interpersonal relationships.

Professional applications

Learning TA can be valuable in various professional settings. It can enhance leadership skills, improve teamwork and collaboration, and contribute to effective management of relationships with colleagues and clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have tried my best to answer all the frequently asked questions. If you still have more questions, please write to us at “stephen@humanelements.in” (Give us 8 working hours to respond back).

TA is known as “Layman’s Psychology’, meaning, anyone can learn this! I have taught TA for over 50,000 people during the past 20 years, and most of them were common people with no prior knowledge on TA or Psychology.

Of course, mastering TA will take more time. However, this Webinar will give you a thorough understanding on the fundamental principles upon which TA is built.

Yes. You can further join courses such as BTA (Batchelor of Transactional Analysis), and MTA (Master of Transactional Analysis) .

Sure! You receive a certificate for all courses including the one day Webinar.

Of course! Once you master TA, then you can get our special training for trainers.

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